An Unsent Letter To Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend, I'm sorry I haven't been very get up and go recently, I wish I had an explanation as to why, but I don't. You know I can be insular and reflective and maybe I just needed a bit of time to indulge myself. I think sometimes, because I don't have a degree and … Continue reading An Unsent Letter To Boyfriend


A Lesson In Self-Respect

Have you ever told a lie and over the years convinced yourself that this lie is in fact, true. Maybe you can even go as far as recalling very specific and particular details of the lie because you have somehow managed to successfully fool yourself to the point that even now... You're just not sure. I … Continue reading A Lesson In Self-Respect


Over the past year I have been finding myself becoming increasingly preoccupied with things that make me unhappy. Whether it is being paid less than everybody I know, struggling with crippling self-doubt or simply not being able to source a reasonably priced Airbnb in freakin' Cadiz. I know, there are starving children in Africa and I … Continue reading #100happydays