The best things in life are absolutely not free.

Last night I began thinking about my onward travels, I had originally planned to return to the UK via South East Asia and explore some of the places I hadn’t the chance to the first time around.

However, after careful deliberation I have decided to throw caution to the wind and go in a different direction… Literally. And so the new plan goes like so… Fiji – Hawaii – LA – South America – New York – Home. The more I think about it the more sense it makes, why go back the way I came when I can continue the final leg around the world, I’d be stupid not to.

There is just one tiny problem… Money.

Moolah, Dough, Paper, Readies, Wonga… Whatever you want to call it, the simple fact is, I aint got none. And so, I have concocted a few foolproof money making ideas, my very own get rich quick scheme, if you will…

 Sell All Of My Worldly Goods. 

And by ‘Worldly Goods’ I basically just mean unwanted clothes. eBay and Gumtree seem to be good platforms upon which to get this little business venture moving. And everybody knows that you’re allowed to bump the postage costs up a dollar or two… They are paying for my time after all.

Find A 2nd Evening Job. 

Yeah, this isn’t going to happen…

Enter A Lot Of Competitions. 

I’m thinking small scale on this one,  NOT National Lottery proportions but more like $1000 cash prize Arrow Words, a girl’s got to be realistic.

Re-Sell Other Peoples Crap. 

Search for good stuff in the ‘Freebies’ section on Gumtree and sell it. People seem to get pretty pissed off when they catch others doing this online but I figure, if you can’t be arsed to wipe down your second hand goods and take the time to negotiate a decent sale… Why can’t I?

Make Something. 

If only I could knit or sew or master a glue gun I would be all over this. Becoming skilled at some kind of craft is basically a license to print money these days, people buy any old rustic looking, hand made tat and I feel I ought to get involved. Maybe start selling pieces of driftwood with cliched messages carved into them…

These are my ideas thus far, realistically I think I’m just going to have to spend the next 3 months eating 2 minute noodles as I don’t think any of the above are about to start making it rain.

Wish me luck.


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