The Tinder Rulebook


In September 2015 I moved to Bristol, I had friends here and lets face it, just about anywhere beats the not so thriving metropolis of Taunton. In my quest to take one step closer to being on point with my five year plan I signed up to Tinder, a little apprehensively at first (we’ve all heard the stories), but actually I have been pleasantly surprised. Over the last few months I have met up with a handful of guys, none of which have been complete morons. Shock horror, they have all been courteous, attractive, funny and over 5,7″… For the most part.

Both the beauty and the trouble with Tinder though… Is choice… in abundance. Back in the days of organic romance, a slightly iffy first date was to be expected, you’d ride it out and hope for the best. Mediocre first date now? Next. Even a good fist date now? Next. Why? Because we can, because we have that option, because we have an unlimited number of single men available at our fingertips and we are curious to see what’s out there. Even after a blinder of a first and second date we find ourselves double screening late at night, swiping away during Dinnerdate’s commercial break.

And so, this leads me to question… What are the rules here?

Am I allowed to go for a drink with John while awaiting my third date with Charlie? 

Am I a bad person for receiving a ‘New Match’ notification while at dinner with Kevin?

At what point do I remove Tinder entirely, should this be integrated as a new relationship status? After ‘dating’ but before ‘in a relationship’?

Am I allowed to be peeved that Harry was last active 2 hours ago when we had a date last night?

I miss the blind naivety of waiting for a call that you are sure is coming at any moment without the knowledge that he ‘checked in’ at a Weatherpersons an hour ago, probably on yet another of his seemingly endless conveyor belt of dates.


One thought on “The Tinder Rulebook

  1. Accidentally Single says:

    Asking yourself when you stop is a good question. I believe many fail to stop as quickly due to having too many options. Everyone is looking for the best next thing and don’t want to miss out.

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