30 Before Thirty

Am I the only one that feels like each new year comes around twice as fast as the last? And before I know it another 12 months have passed with little or nothing to show for it. Following my previous whinge, I have been giving some thought to the kind of life I would one day like to look back on, what I want to have accomplished, where I want to have explored and everything I want to have learned. But the thing with bucket lists is time, more specifically the vast amounts that you are allowing yourself. There is no sense of urgency, no reminder to live in the now. I am twenty six and three quarters and I have a tonne of stuff I want to do… And the more I begin to do, the more I am going to want to do (I hope). So, without further ado… My 30 Before Thirty:

#1, Travel to India

Or ‘Injaah’ as Boyfriend and I like to longingly refer to it as.

#2, Jump out of a plane

With a parachute and a qualified skydiver – to be clear.

#3, TBC.


#4, Host Christmas Day

I like to think of myself as the hostess with the mostest and board game Queen, it’s about time these claims were put to the ultimate test.

#5, Take a dance class

Currently attempting to convince Boyfriend of Salsa and best friend of Ballet, one of them’s gotta give.

#6, Publish an e-book

I know, I know…

#7, Revisit NYC

I’m sure this place could never get old.

#8, Surf a wave

Without my paddle aid.

#9, Do a headstand

People keep telling me that of course I can do this already… I can’t.

#10, Dye my hair candy floss pink

A long standing goal.

#11, Camp on the sand under the stars

I’m talking bonfire, guitar, the works.

#12, Ski successfully down a slope

Indoor/artificial still counts.

#13, Make an item of clothing

…That I would legitimately leave the house in.

#14, Keep Blogging – ongoing…

Once a week… Every week. Or every other week if I’m super busy… Or there is something on TV.

#15, TBC.


#16, Accept myself and my body

I’m never going to be a Victoria’s Secret model if I keep eating pizza, it’s a sacrifice I need to come to terms with. I need to be okay being me.

#17, See the Eiffel Tower

Hint, hint…

#18, Take Boyfriend to see Mumford & Sons

So many songs…

#19, Eat vegetarian for 8 weeks

Vegetarianism is something I have long had an internal battle with, I need to muster the will power.

#20, TBC.


#21, Read 52 26 books in 52 weeks

Nobody has time to read a book a week.

#22, Become a proficient driver

Good luck to Boyfriend’s van…

#23, Give Blood

I have attempted this twice but have been thwarted on both occasions by my tiny veins.

UPDATED: Recently been advised that my veins are too ‘immature’ to take blood from and have been blacklisted until 2020.

Master a recipe a month for a year

Attempt and attempt well – a new recipe a month for 12 consecutive months, starting with Beef Wellington.

#24, TBC.


#25, Sing karaoke

I am that person that will try really hard to sound good.

#26, Complete an alcohol free month

I can do it.

#27, See a ballet

Men in tights -AmIright?

#28, Place a bet at a casino

On the game with the least amount of skill involved.

#29, Get another tattoo

Just ’cause, why the hell not?!

#30, Find my favourite poem

Everybody should have a favourite poem.


Starting from… Now.


11 thoughts on “30 Before Thirty

  1. uniquelybrandi says:

    I love your list! I’d like to take on something similar, and as a current possessor of purple and blue locks I have to encourage you, do the pink! Its so much fun, you’ll smile every time you catch your reflection! 🙂

  2. lifehostage32 says:

    Best of luck!! I’m past 30 now but I did so many of these!! I working on my bucket list now which involves running a marathon amongst other things! You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it!

  3. meetmeinnevada says:

    I keep telling people that I need to be impulsive in my twenties. I’ve done quite a bit of things you listed or variations of them, but I’m still young, 22 to be exact. It’s now or ever! Also I highly recommend dying your hair a non-hair color type. I rocked red for a year like Rihanna. It was pretty awesome! Best of luck on your list!

  4. bexoxo says:

    I just started a clock collection, and I love it! Also, I took a swing dance class with my now ex, and it was awesome! I don’t have good enough movement in my hips for salsa. I like your style of writing and look forward to reading more. 🙂

  5. JustAGirlAndABike says:

    Very insightful post 🙂 You are you, you have SO much time…but then again, I said that too when I was your age. I wish you all the best and hope you can do some of these things before the end of the year.

  6. parangano says:

    Don’t you just wish that you had created a list like this when you were younger so it’d be a lot more fulfilling to tick each one off the list year on year instead of having the inspiration and means to write this when you’re pushing 60 or something and it would feel more daunting to tick off sixty items on your list before turning sixty-one. I do. I’m not that old but yeah just a thought.

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