Really Awkward Things Guys Can’t Do.

For the past year and a half I have been cohabiting and observing the day to day idiosyncrasies of my beloved boyfriend. There are many, many things he does well, but these are not some of them…


#1, Apply lip balm.

No further explanation required.


#2, Take their shoes off whilst intoxicated.

Watching Boyfriend drunk de-robe is like watching a top heavy Bambi on ice.


#3, Do anything else whilst texting.

Anything. Anything at all.

Too Much.gif

#4, Tie your hair back.

Should you break your arm and require Boyfriend’s assistance in this department -think again.


#5, Rate other men based entirely on hotness. 

Are you seriously going to pretend you don’t notice Jeremy’s rippling abs?!


#6, Understand basic emotional intelligence. 

Me: “Just leave me alone!”

Also Me: “Wait… Where are you going?”


#7, Go to the toilet without their phone.

Heaven forbid you simply get in and get out.


#8, Whisper.

Attempting to explain an awkward social dynamic to Boyfriend in a room full of people is a mistake I will only make once.


#9, Navigate the TV guide.

We will inevitably end up watching a Family Guy re-run or the last twenty minutes of Anchor Man.



#10, Pinterest

See exact screenshot of Boyfriend’s Pinterest profile below:

(NB: I am that 1 follower)




19 thoughts on “Really Awkward Things Guys Can’t Do.

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    1.I’ve never used lip balm.2.I don’t drink 😛 3.I don’t text, I either talk to people or I don’t. 4.Have yet to be asked by a girl to do this for her. 5.Have no problems complimenting a guy surprisingly good at reading emotions(or maybe i just think I do 0_0)7. never take phone to bathroom.seems unsanitary. 8.I know when to whisper 🙂 9. I have a rule, even if I can’t find something to watch I will never leave it on something I have seen before. 10. Don’t use pinterest.
    So how did I do?lol

  2. TizzyMatic says:

    This is all funny! 1. I put it on both lips; it’s hilarious. 2. I don’t drink. 3. I can multi-task easily. 4. I put my own hair into a ponytail, so I got that down pact. 5. No problems doing that. 6. Arguably my best asset. 7. Never take phone. 8. My gf and I do it all the time; it’s also hilarious. 9. Don’t watch TV. 10. LMAO, mine looks nothing like that.

    Looks like I’m not your average boy, ha!!! *Smiles proudly unnecessarily*

  3. V Donovan says:

    Omg the hair thing. Last summer my boss was a 27 year old guy who hadn’t cut his hair in a while and after hearing him complain about it being in his eyes for months, I gave him a hair elastic but he seriously had no idea how to use it. I was like “just….wrap and twist until it’s tight” but he struggled.

  4. Leah Louise says:

    I asked my boyfriend to tie my hair up once. He used an electric band he found in the junk drawer and got it so tangled in my hair, I had to cut some of it to get it out 😂😩x

  5. kuminkueche says:

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  6. The Album says:

    I must say I’m an ELITE taking shoes off coming home late at night kind of guy. The majority of this list is very accurate and I don’t have a pintrest but if I did I imagine it’d be similar to your boyfriends.

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