A few good things about 2016

Amongst the absolute political shit storm of 2016, I managed to find some solace in the little things:


I am OBSESSED with podcasts to the point where I am physically unable to leave the house without an episode pre-loaded. My current favourites include:

  • The PanDolly Podcast
  • Serial
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno
  • They Walk Among Us – UK True Crime


I always felt a sense of embarrassment surrounding the idea of blogging, I guess it is the idea of people assuming that I see myself as some undiscovered literary talent, the prospect of opening myself up to criticism is not a welcomed one. But I have felt only support from the blogging community and find myself eagerly loading WordPress on an all too regular basis.

Ongoing Friendships

I am not an easy-friend-maker, often appearing stand-offish and introverted when meeting new people. But I do have a group of long standing pals that I love with all of my heart, one in particular that I have experienced a semi-turbulent past couple of years with, but feel as though 2016 has cemented our sisterhood once again. Friendships are so important to me and I have reached a stage in my life where quality takes precedent. I am no longer preoccupied with pretending to be somebody I’m not in order to create a good first impression.

Taj Mahal

I spoke more in depth about our trip to Agra in my previous post, but I cannot stress how blown away we were by this majestic, romantic mausoleum. I urge anybody debating whether to make the trip to do so, immediately.


I’m not sure whether it was turning twenty-seven, the sixties inspired trends of the past year or the return of the comfortable heel but I have felt a new lease of confidence in myself, my body and what to wear over the past year. In the past I may have shied away from drawing attention, but now I am donning my leopard print coat with pride.


Boyfriend and I had a tumultuous start to 2016, last Christmas was not an overly enjoyable one for either of us, with boyfriend battling depression and myself not quite knowing how to deal with it or support him in any way other than providing ‘tough love’. We argued a lot and said a lot of things we didn’t mean, not having anybody to talk to we took our stress out only on each other.

Boyfriend began a course of anti-depressants, which I was extremely dubious about, and started undertaking Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions. After 6 months and a number of sessions he decided to begin halving his dosage, against doctors orders. It was not easy for either of us, I felt like an over laden camel, collapsing with the slightest additional weight, but how could I possibly complain when I wasn’t the one truly struggling?

Boyfriend has now completed his CBT to the satisfaction of his therapist and himself and is no longer on anti-depressants. I am so ridiculously proud of how far he has come and how hard he has worked to overcome this. Having read a lot from other bloggers about their battles, I understand that there is no quick or easy fix, this is an ongoing struggle that we have to take as it comes, but for now – we’re doing good.

So, here’s to 2017.






2 thoughts on “A few good things about 2016

  1. JustAGirlAndABike says:

    Good for you for being so supportive as he goes through this. You are truly a wonderful girlfriend. It is a tough battle, and I am sure he really appreciates having you there.

    What a great post!! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself 🙂

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