En Vogue or out

I am grimacing with embarrassment and self-loathing as I type this but, here goes… I want to have more fun with fashion in 2017.

God, I hate myself.

I have been reading and watching the likes of Pandora Sykes, Megan and Faye Ellaby and getting major outfit envy.

I would, without doubt, look like I had dive bombed blindly into a pile of clothes should I step out in a similarly curated ensemble. As a slightly lumpy size ten with boobs and, unfortunately, my dads legs, I do not have the ability to pull something straight off the rack and have it look effortlessly chic, I have to think about these things.

I have to negotiate my way through anything with cut-outs or sheer panelling, measuring the distance between a cropped top and high waisted jean to ensure there is no room for over-spill. I will inevitably purchase a pair of Mom jeans because I love them and will always love them despite the fact I strongly resemble my auntie Valerie, circa 1980 when donning them.

Aunt Val.gif

From the age of eighteen, I would say I have played by the fashion rules. I don’t wear blue and black, when wearing a print I keep all else low-key, I never over accessorise. But y’know what – I love accessories and have always been partial to a bangle or ten. So, heck, I’m throwing my rule book out the window and I’m wearing whatever the gosh-darn-hell I want.

Here are my current style inspo’s I have been/will be shamelessly attempting to recreate:

Mixing Prints

I love a print, be it leopard, stripe, floral, check… Did I mention stripe? And the only thing better than one print, is two.

Boyfriend would describe this look as ‘artisan’…


Anything Jacquard

I am currently lusting after this little number from ASOS, I don’t need it and have no suitable upcoming event or occasion but er yeah… I just bought it. I love the texture and timelessness these pieces bring to an outfit, even when pared down with a plain tee and boots, they add a little je ne sais quoi.

Basically, I just want to feel dead fancy.


Red & Pink

Much like black and blue, red and pink has always been a no-no. For me, red in general has always been a bit of a no-no, calling to mind a certain someone from school who would match her red PVC belt and Select court heels with her acrylic nails – tres hooker chic.

But, I am turning a corner, and I’m not hating red atm. I adore this Zara coat (now only available on eBay) but I already own 101 various forms of outerwear and apparently being a ‘coat person’ isn’t valid justification, so I am forbidding myself. Instead I have purchased a red Chanel inspired bag that I have been teaming with a dusty pink scarf and silk slip dress.


A few honourable mentions…

The Midi Skirt

Possibly the most unflattering length on me, but super festive and cosy.

Dress Over Trousers

Never thought I’d be nodding to the nineties with this throwback, but I’ve done it and I loved it!

Double Denim

Boyfriend absolutely nailed this on our recent trip to Paris, so Aiden.



So, I am disregarding everything Trinny and Susannah taught me and I am dressing for me, to have fun, to experiment and most of all to figure out what I like, not what I think I should.


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