Over the past year I have been finding myself becoming increasingly preoccupied with things that make me unhappy.

Whether it is being paid less than everybody I know, struggling with crippling self-doubt or simply not being able to source a reasonably priced Airbnb in freakin’ Cadiz.

I know, there are starving children in Africa and I am just another millennial with a swag bag full of first world problems.

Somebody break out the violins.

But I want to make a change, I want to challenge myself to be really bloody happy.

So, I googled ‘happiness challenge’ and found this guy:

Dmitry Golubnichy – http://100happydays.com/

Yeah, it goes on for a bit but the basic premise is pretty simple – do things that make you happy. Little things. And hopefully, eventually, these little things will be enough.

I guess all any of us really wants is happiness.

Whether it’s swaddled in that promotion, that relationship or buying that house – that is just semantics.

So, starting today I am challenging myself to find happiness for 100 whole days.

And fingers crossed, the rest will be history.

Wish me luck, join me and, if you like, cheer me on… (https://twitter.com/LucyDannanAsp)



5 thoughts on “#100happydays

  1. Azanah says:

    Awesome stuff! I have seen a few people on instagram do this before, such a great concept! Keep updating on this blog I will be sure to follow.

    • Lucindafer says:

      Well, I have kind of failed already… Not because I couldn’t do it, but because the art of posting everything on social media kinda felt slightly counter-productive. I am still doing something to make myself happy every day, I’m just not necessarily updating twitter every time I do.
      I still think the idea stands though and is definitely worth spending time thinking about though. 🙂

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