If my CV wasn’t so full of shit.

Name: Lucy Dannan-Aspinall Age: Somewhere between getting pissed in a barn and organising appointments with a mortgage advisor. Email: lucy_behavin_bad@hotmail.com  Something mature, preferably gmail - will come back to this. Something unique about me that I think you won't have read before but you almost definitely will have. I work well within a team but also … Continue reading If my CV wasn’t so full of shit.



Over the past year I have been finding myself becoming increasingly preoccupied with things that make me unhappy. Whether it is being paid less than everybody I know, struggling with crippling self-doubt or simply not being able to source a reasonably priced Airbnb in freakin' Cadiz. I know, there are starving children in Africa and I … Continue reading #100happydays

The Perils of Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I could easily while away the hours, scrolling through Instagram, discovering new 'it' girls, fangirling over @pandorasykes and stalking observing the likes of Jack O'Connell, Adam Driver and other celebrities I probably (definitely) shouldn't fancy. And then you have Facebook, an absolute photo hoarders dream, bathing in the … Continue reading The Perils of Social Media