An Unsent Letter To Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend, I'm sorry I haven't been very get up and go recently, I wish I had an explanation as to why, but I don't. You know I can be insular and reflective and maybe I just needed a bit of time to indulge myself. I think sometimes, because I don't have a degree and … Continue reading An Unsent Letter To Boyfriend


A Lesson In Self-Respect

Have you ever told a lie and over the years convinced yourself that this lie is in fact, true. Maybe you can even go as far as recalling very specific and particular details of the¬†lie because you have somehow managed to successfully fool yourself to the point that even now... You're just not sure. I … Continue reading A Lesson In Self-Respect

The Perils of Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I could easily while away the hours, scrolling through Instagram, discovering new 'it' girls, fangirling over @pandorasykes and stalking observing the likes of Jack O'Connell, Adam Driver and other celebrities I probably (definitely)¬†shouldn't fancy. And then you have Facebook, an absolute photo hoarders dream, bathing in the … Continue reading The Perils of Social Media